About Us

The Ausable Community Centre first opened its doors on February 28th, 1998 at 170 Main St in Lucan, Ontario. The Centre was founded by The Friends of the Lucan Library as a yearlong pilot project, to offer new services to the community.

The Ausable Community Centre (ACC) was one of the first centres of its kind, offering six dynamic features: Community information and resource centre, Visual and Performing arts centre, Centre for career training and continuing education, Tourist centre, Children and youth development centre, and The Friends of Lucan Library Administrative Centre.

On June 29th, 1998, the ACC launched the Employment Resource Centre, offering advice to job seekers, job postings, and offering 3 internet capable PCs to the public for free use. That same year saw the launch of the Youth Service Canada(YSC) program under the Youth Employment Strategy, which helped youth out of school or out of work to become employed.

On May 1st, 2000, the Community News newspaper was launched. It focused on news and events in the community and was distributed to over 3500 addresses at launch. Today, Community News is still going strong, with a distribution of over 4300.

As the ACC grew larger, it needed to spread its wings and find a new home. In April of 2003, 183 Main St. in Lucan, Ontario became the ACC’s new home.

Since then, the ACC focused on the Employment Resource Centre and still giving career and job advice on resumes and interviewing skills to help job seekers become employed.


Mailing address: Ausable Community Centre519-227-1453
183 Main Street, PO Box 820
Lucan, NOM 2J0
Contact Email: admin@ausable.ca.

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